Jupiter-8V 2.0

Simulates the sounds of analog Arturia synthesizers
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Recreate the sound of Roland Jupiter 8 analog synthesizers in the virtual studio application compatible with recording and playback software. It enables sound engineering, track composing and editing. A library of templates with samples is available along with custom sound generation.

The Jupiter-8V 1.1 is a software analog synthesizer recreation program of the Roland Jupiter 8 that provides users with an advance sequencer with dynamic effects and a Galaxy module of combined LFOs.
An authentic recreation of the Roland Jupiter 8, the Jupiter-8V 1.1 virtual version features over 400 presets with up to 32 voices of polyphony including a Unison mode. Modulable by any audio source, the synthesizer’s set of three Analogue Sounding Effects; Dual Delay, Phaser and Flanger, and additional Galaxy module, can all be controlled with users’ external MIDI keyboards or with a few clicks of the mouse. The Galaxy module allows users to choose and intertwine many different LFO types.

An additional Step-Sequencer is featured in the Jupiter-8V 1.1 synthesizer that allows control of the parameters of easily generated patterns of sound to be assigned. Key parameters from both the Galaxy and Step-Sequencer, including each voice from the suite of creative effects included, can all be modulated from chosen sources. A unique audio structure of 2 oscillators per voice (16 oscillators in total), 2 LFOs, 2 filters and 2 envelopes, and keyboard split and layer, are also featured in this program. The Jupiter-8V 1.1 is delivered with a USB key to buyers, which includes their Jupiter-8V license and authorizes the software to function.

Luis Sanchez
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